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[cross-project-issues-dev] Simrel Greediness Report (was: Yet another nag note)

Hi David,


Given that I also found “219.” in your greediness report, I was confused (since that bundle doesn’t declare anything optional in its Manifest).


Could it be that the report blames the wrong bundle?


I just performed an “unzip –p …/releases/staging/content.jar | less” and I see that my 2 bundles are

“required optional with defaults” by org.eclipse.dltk.rse.core so I believe that bundle is to blame in this case…


I am likely responsible for fixing the “7.” one which should definitely be non-greedy especially given

that we don’t ship it from Eclipse (it’s a “works-with” pre-req).

Investigating now…





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Hi David,

Still scores of projects that have not bothered to move to a current repo publisher so there are hundreds of incorrect "greediness" attributes.


Sure there are greedy optional dependencies in the repository, because it often just intended by projects. I don't understand, why are you talking about incorrect greediness? "Not a default" it not the same as "wrong".

IMHO this [1] report  is only useful for statistic purpose.



Dennis Hübner



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