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[cross-project-issues-dev] Juno Deadlines

Hey folks.

The deadline for getting IP Logs in for Juno is May 23/2012. The deadline for review materials is June 6/2012.

As of today, I count 72 projects that are participating in Juno (see [1,2]). Some of these projects are doing "roll up" releases in which one or more subprojects are included (e.g. Web Tools includes Dali, EJB Tools, etc.)

I expect to receive one IP log and one set of review documentation for each project. If your project is included with a parent project as part of a "roll up" release, then I only need to receive logs and documentation from that parent project.

At least one project seems out of place to me. In particular, I'm a little surprised to see Mylyn Intent not being included in the Mylyn roll up release. Is this a mistake? Let me know if you want to make changes; I can help you navigate our dreadful mechanism for specifying how a project participates in the simultaneous release.

As always, let me know if you have any concerns, or if there is something that I can help with.


Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
Twitter: @waynebeaton
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