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[cross-project-issues-dev] Voice Conference number change

Hi Everyone,

For those that weren't already aware, we have a new voice conferencing system. This system allows us to create dedicated conference bridges for project calls rather than time-sharing the same bridge as we had to do in the past. It also allows calls via. Voice over IP (VoIP) protocols like SIP so you can call in "for free" using your internet connection.

1) Project leads, if you do not already have a bridge, and you need one for regular calls, please raise a ticket to Eclipse Foundation => Community => Servers. e.g. "Need Asterisk bridge for project XYZ"

2) There are toll-free call in numbers for the system in the following areas: North America, Germany, UK, and France. There's an Ottawa number as well. We recommend using SIP to connect, and especially for areas where we don't have a toll-free or local dial-in number.

3) PLEASE NOTE: For those that have been using the system for the past couple of months, we recently changed suppliers for our Ottawa & Toll Free North American number. The European numbers were not affected. All project leads with a bridge were notified of the change a few weeks back. Just in case you call the system and it doesn't work... check with your project lead to make sure you have the right numbers.

For more information, see our Asterisk wiki page.



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