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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Status and outlook for M7

Hello, David,

Staging repository [1] appears to contain older version of m2e. Is this
expected at this point or should I start investigating?



On 12-05-06 3:38 PM, David M Williams wrote:
Yes ... its here, M7 week! And, I'm already giving status!

First thing to note it that we now have a stand-alone 4.2 primary build
from the Eclipse Project, so for the first time we have a pure and
correct 4.2 repo. In the past, some things from 3.8 were "slipping in"
through aggregation due to the way the platform was producing and
partially (unknowingly) combining 3.8 and 4.2. But no more, 4.2 only.

One impact of this, is the bundle '' is no
longer available ... it was actually removed in 4.1, but it is being
left in the 3.x stream, even though 3.8 does not use it. It now
correctly does _not_ show up in 4.2 repo via aggregation.

And, this "broke" BIRT ... so, I disabled that, which rippled across 3
or 4 others that depend on BIRT charting.
I hope BIRT can live without that old bundle and use the jetty server
now provided by the platform (and used by the help system, in both 3.8
and 4.2).

Then there were the (fairly) usual breakages in RAP runtime and Virgo
based on assumptions on certain platform specific versions, so I
disabled those to get a green build, and promote an initial M7 version
to staging. Be sure to check the reports (based on staging) to get as
much cleaned up as possible before M7:

In all, the following files have disabled repositories or features. It
looks worse than it is, but we need to get in completely "enabled" in
the next few days (or, remove it, if its some old thing that should not
even be there any longer).


As always questions and clarifications are welcome.

Thanks everyone,

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