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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] for 4.2?

> Do you know where I can find for 4.2, a built

Why do you ask? :) Having problems?

short answer 1:
There isn't one, specifically for 4.2 if you want to use if for updating
cvs mapfiles. As far as I know, you can still use the one from the 3.8
build page. Everything cvs should still "match up" in a 4.2 distribution.
[For long answer, see Note 1 below]. The 3.8 tool that can be installed
into 4.2 is at

short answer 2:
There isn't one, if you want to use it to update copyright headers using a
Git repo :(  But,  there's hope it will be fixed for M7. :)  See bug 345669

Note 1 (more than was asked about):
(my current understanding ... I'm quickly learning more my self :)
This "tagging map files" type of functionality won't be maintained/needed
by platform team in future for use with Git repos. The Platform uses a way
to "tag" change sets that won't require it tagging in advance and is tied
to exactly "how built" ... but, the platform's general scheme to put things
in an "integration" branch when they are ready for it to go into a build,
and then auto recording/tagging those change sets, used for future
reproducibility ... roughly described here:


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Date:	03/21/2012 05:26 PM
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Hi All,

Do you know where I can find for 4.2, a built

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