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[cross-project-issues-dev] Juno M6 staging repo is complete

Wednesday +3, after 5 PM, and I see no notes for a respin ... so, I am
declaring the Juno M6 staging repo complete.

I think the last build was actually about 6 PM ... which I've just now
promoted to staging ... sorry, I fell asleep there for a while :)

Assuming no blocking problems are (quickly) reported, this staging repo
will provide the input into the final M6 EPP Packages and both be made
available Friday morning. I will re-enable the aggregation builds on
Friday, but would not expect any updates to "staging" until after
EclipseCon ... unless someone asks for one.

A reminder, that once promoted to .../releases/juno/  that repo will be
only M6, not be composite combined with M5 and M4 (I forget what, but
recall there was something that would lead to "conflict").

Test early, test often.

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