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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] heads up on some temporary disabled repos/features

Hi David

I think that the OCL google.collect anomally may go away after Xtext's +2
contribution and OCL's dependent +3 contribution update to use
google.guava from Orbit.

[It would be helpful if the error reports excluded the good case, so that
after finding one's project one didn't have to find entry 1 preceding 3000
to discover whether appearance is a problem or not. It would also be good
to identify the references to duplicate bundles, since it is the reference
rather than the duplicate that is the error.]


        Ed Willink

> Since you may not "see" an error report on this until this evening, I
> wanted to note the following issue:
> Amp was conflicting with BIRT's latest contribution (I think that's the
> order of events) and has been for a while, so I disabled Amp for now. Feel
> free to re-enable when ready.
> That's business as usual ... auto error reports were sent, but no fix
> yet ... but the funny thing was _then_ 3 features (one in OCL and two in
> Mylyn)
>  started "failing" due to "missing google.collect bundle". Not sure if
> that
> was due to BIRT change, or Amp omission, but,
> if you have a feature that needs one of those third-party ("orbit")
> bundles
> the normal thing to do is include it yourself in one of your own features,
> not to count on the "luck" of someone else including it.
> So, all that is from some "local" tests since I want to get a green build
> soon ... so after that, will start to "re-enable" those features to make
> sure still happens there, but at the rate
> we're going, that won't show up as "error messages" to you until this
> evening ... so ... thought I'd give a bit of early warning.
> Hope this helps,
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