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[cross-project-issues-dev] heads up on some temporary disabled repos/features

Since you may not "see" an error report on this until this evening, I
wanted to note the following issue:

Amp was conflicting with BIRT's latest contribution (I think that's the
order of events) and has been for a while, so I disabled Amp for now. Feel
free to re-enable when ready.

That's business as usual ... auto error reports were sent, but no fix
yet ... but the funny thing was _then_ 3 features (one in OCL and two in
 started "failing" due to "missing google.collect bundle". Not sure if that
was due to BIRT change, or Amp omission, but,
if you have a feature that needs one of those third-party ("orbit") bundles
the normal thing to do is include it yourself in one of your own features,
not to count on the "luck" of someone else including it.

So, all that is from some "local" tests since I want to get a green build
soon ... so after that, will start to "re-enable" those features to make
sure still happens there, but at the rate
we're going, that won't show up as "error messages" to you until this
evening ... so ... thought I'd give a bit of early warning.

Hope this helps,

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