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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Notice that the Eclipse Project 4.2 milestone repo (M6) was broken from noon to midnight, 3/19

Well, it was me who broke it and I'd like to apologize for all the
trouble and extra work this has caused! I think I owe you at least an
explanation how this could happen.

For every milestone, I create a repository that contains a subset of
the platform repository as input for the rap-runtime tycho build. I do
so to work around bug 348045 [1]. These repositories are created in
/shared/rt/rap/base-platforms/. To copy the artifacts from the
platform, I used to create a symlink to the platform's download area,
in this case /home/data/httpd/
Since some bundles are missing from the 4.2 repository (bug 355430
[2]) I have to copy them from 3.8 (icu.base.source, some servletbridge
bundles). Then I create p2 metadata using a shell script. During this
work, I must have mixed up the symlink to the platform and the target
directory at some point and so messed up the platform repository :(

I usually think twice before issuing a shell command, this time the
copying seemed to had become a routine which is always dangerous.
Actually, I was also not aware that my permissions are sufficient to
mess up the platform. However, it was my fault, I was lacking the
necessary concentration and diligence. I'm very sorry to have caused
extra work for the platform guys who are currently very busy anyway.

I hope that we (the RAP project) can soon get rid of all those manual
steps on the build server. Tycho 0.14 provides a workaround for bug
348045, but we can't currently use it because of another problem with
tycho (bug 371552). I will use EclipseCon to figure out how to fix
this problem, and with bug 355430 fixed, there should be no need for
these subset repositories anymore.

Regards, Ralf

[1] 348045: Problem with packages exported from servletbridge

[2] 355430: change primary builder to 4.2

On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 05:06, David M Williams
<david_williams@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I won't say who ... except to say it was not me! (this time :) ... had a
> little script mishap, combined with incorrect permissions on the file
> system, and the Eclipse project's 4.2 milestone repo was "broken" today
> around noon. See bug 374707 [1] for details if you enjoy (or need) that
> kind of stuff.
> I'm giving this "notice" here to cross-project list since, chances are, if
> you used it during this time period, and it worked for you at all, then you
> probably got what you were expecting, but there is a tiny chance that is
> might have appeared to work fine, but be some slight difference in content
> or metadata that could lead to some hard-to-track down bugs. So ... in
> general, I'd say rest easy, no cause for alarm, but if you notice anything
> weird, you might try rebuilding/reinstalling with the now corrected version
> of Eclipse Project's M6 (and this only applies if you installed/built with
> the contents between noon and midnight today, 3/19).
> Oh, and I deliberately left the timestamps to "now" to make sure it gets
> re-mirrored (for the third time) since some of the "bad" versions would
> have been mirrored, as well -- apologies to the mirroring system.
> Do let us know if this did impact you (or, comment in the bug [1]) so we
> can better understand the implications.
> So, except for that ... Juno M6 +1 day seems to be ending with few
> problems ... I'm glad everyone's "getting in" the aggregation smoothly.
> Please remember to check the "repository reports" [2] occasionally ... lots
> of problems in there ... though, a few areas of improvements, too! Thanks!
> [1]
> [2]
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