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[cross-project-issues-dev] Notice that the Eclipse Project 4.2 milestone repo (M6) was broken from noon to midnight, 3/19

I won't say who ... except to say it was not me! (this time :) ... had a
little script mishap, combined with incorrect permissions on the file
system, and the Eclipse project's 4.2 milestone repo was "broken" today
around noon. See bug 374707 [1] for details if you enjoy (or need) that
kind of stuff.

I'm giving this "notice" here to cross-project list since, chances are, if
you used it during this time period, and it worked for you at all, then you
probably got what you were expecting, but there is a tiny chance that is
might have appeared to work fine, but be some slight difference in content
or metadata that could lead to some hard-to-track down bugs. So ... in
general, I'd say rest easy, no cause for alarm, but if you notice anything
weird, you might try rebuilding/reinstalling with the now corrected version
of Eclipse Project's M6 (and this only applies if you installed/built with
the contents between noon and midnight today, 3/19).

Oh, and I deliberately left the timestamps to "now" to make sure it gets
re-mirrored (for the third time) since some of the "bad" versions would
have been mirrored, as well -- apologies to the mirroring system.

Do let us know if this did impact you (or, comment in the bug [1]) so we
can better understand the implications.

So, except for that ... Juno M6 +1 day seems to be ending with few
problems ... I'm glad everyone's "getting in" the aggregation smoothly.

Please remember to check the "repository reports" [2] occasionally ... lots
of problems in there ... though, a few areas of improvements, too! Thanks!



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