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[cross-project-issues-dev] Transition Plans for Eclipse Project releng and builds after Juno M6

I have been meeting with Kim, John, Paul, Bogdan and others nearly every
day to sort out changes coming to releng and the Eclipse Platform builds
after M6.

In brief, ... be patient :)

For the longer story of the plans to move to, see

I've written that overview of the current transition plan just to try to
keep everyone better informed.

We expect the move to Eclipse Foundation hardware to have a few bumps ...
hopefully no bruises.

This is the kind of thing we would normally have liked to have accomplished
and finished before M6 so the final milestone could be more focused on
bugs, polish and performance, but ... it is a hard move to make, so has
taken longer than expected (but still greatest thanks to Kim and Webmasters
for all the extra effort). We still think it is important to make the
change now, before the Juno Release, even though later in the cycle than
we'd like.

This is mostly intended as a notice for Eclipse Project committers
(eclipse-dev list), but I have also posted to cross-project list, since
this change may effect other projects too. For one, you may want to
check/test the new builds earlier in M7 than you might otherwise, to make
sure nothing weird has crept in and more importantly, the exact impact on
the build infrastructure is not well understood ... well, we well
understand it will be a lot busier! ... but, not sure how much it will be
noticeable by others that are doing builds or tests there.

And on top of all that, EclipseCon is just a week away! Hope to see many of
you there.


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