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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Juno rt contribution

Hi Gunnar,

Thanks for the quick reply!
So if my product is not categorized then it is not visible for an IDE installation and doesn't need the "magic iu" at all, right?

> You have to include them in your product and either mirror them into
> your repo or reference Orbit. 
By referencing Orbit do you mean to reference it in my composite repo and then use that same composite repo for the aggregation?

As for the mirroring part - does anyone know the url to an Equinox p2 repo? I found one only in a zipped form...

I have one other hurdle - I'm publishing product configuration with my product to start certain bundles (many of them from equinox.bundles). But as we know p2 ignores such configurations if the bundles are not published in the exact same repository where the product is published.
So what's the pattern here? Mirror all those bundles?

Best Regards,

On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 8:41 PM, Gunnar Wagenknecht <gunnar@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Borislav,

Am 15.03.2012 18:50, schrieb Borislav Kapukaranov:
> All my features and product are marked with the "magic iu" for RT features.

I suggest that you only tag the "Target Components" feature with the
magic IU. That should be the only feature that is "visible"
(categorized) in the Juno repository.

All other features (including your product) do not need to have the
"magic iu". They are usually not categorized/visible in Juno repository.
However, you can make them visible and categorize them in your repo as
you wish.

Thus, when installing using the director you usually don't pick the
"Target Components" feature. It should work then.

> 1. Can we contribute p2 products or just features are accepted?

In the case of RT it's usually just a "Target Components" feature.

> 2. Is the Orbit p2 repo aggregated in the Juno repo - I couldn't find
> some of my required dependencies until I added the Orbit repo along with
> the Juno one to my composite p2 repository?

You have to include them in your product and either mirror them into
your repo or reference Orbit.

> What is the standard procedure in this case, should I package these
> bundles with my features?

Same as with Orbit. I mirror them into my project repo because I don't
reference the Equinox repo in my composite repo. But that may be the
better option (in terms of disc space duplication).

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