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[cross-project-issues-dev] Juno rt contribution

Hi folks,

I've been experimenting with getting proper Virgo features to contribute for aggregation. I've had relative success, however I have a couple of questions.
When I get my Virgo update site composed with the Juno aggregated update site and Orbit's one and try to install with the p2 director my Virgo product from this composite repository I get the following error:

The following software cannot be installed because it is intended for use only in Plug-in Development Environment (PDE) target platforms. Please deselect these items and retry the operation.
My Virgo Feature 2.1.0.BUILD-20120306192742 ( 2.1.0.BUILD-20120306192742)
If provisioning a target platform then try disabling the option 'Include required software'

All my features and product are marked with the "magic iu" for RT features.
I'm a bit puzzled as I'm trying to perform a standalone installation, outside the IDE - it is a separate p2 product with its own configuration and is meant to be run outside the IDE. Is this expected?
If yes, then how should I contribute my product in a way that the director allows installation?

The next one is just to clarify my understanding:
1. Can we contribute p2 products or just features are accepted?
2. Is the Orbit p2 repo aggregated in the Juno repo - I couldn't find some of my required dependencies until I added the Orbit repo along with the Juno one to my composite p2 repository?

And last I also had trouble finding these bundles in the Juno repository:
- org.eclipse.equinox.region
- org.eclipse.equinox.console
- org.eclipse.equinox.console.ssh
It seems these are not aggregated but are present in the Equinox SDK's zip(also a p2 repository). 
What is the standard procedure in this case, should I package these bundles with my features?

Thank you,

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