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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] p2 repositories ... we can do better

Honestly, the p2.Mirror URL and other items that get injected into the artifacts.xml, p2.index, etc. Really need to go into the Tycho P2 repository creation support. The signing plugin shouldn't be the one doing this stuff.


On 03/06/2012 12:35 PM, Jesse McConnell wrote:
Not sure for tycho but given some time I could have that in the
signing plugin in an hour or so I would think.

I'll see if I can scrape some time together to get that support added
in, at least in the interm until tycho could support it


jesse mcconnell

On Tue, Mar 6, 2012 at 11:25, Marcel Bruch<bruch@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>  wrote:
On 06.03.2012, at 13:04, Jesse McConnell wrote:

could the eclipse-signing-maven-plugin provide a parameter to
inject the p2.mirrorsURL property into artifact repositories and
parameters to generate the p2.index file ?
can you give me a specific example of what that xml (assuming that
would be in some of the xml metadata) would look like?
= Support for p2.mirrorsURL =

According to just add:

<property name="p2.mirrorsURL" value="{repository_path}&amp;format=xml"/>

Since webmaster thinks that we have been hit by this issue recently ( this makes me think even more about how to integrate this into our builds. As last means of resort I'll write a bash script that unzips artifacs.jar, adds the property to the artifacts.xml, and zips the file again.

But I wonder how much effort it takes to add this in Tycho's eclipse-repository packaging since tycho generates these files?
It wouldn't be specify to Eclipse; just a generic support for properties - I think.

= Adding support for p2.index =

The file looks like this:

  version = 1
  metadata.repository.factory.order = compositeContent.xml,\!
  artifact.repository.factory.order = compositeArtifacts.xml,\!

Whether it's "xml" or "jar" should depend on the "compress" property we already specify in the eclipse-repository.

= Enabling download stat in your repository =

And if we are already on defining properties: to enable download stats it's...

...for artifacts.xml/repository:
<property name='p2.statsURI' value='http://your.stats.server/stats'/>

...for bundles:
<property name='download.stats' value='test.plugin1.bundle'/>

So, in theory it's just adding properties and looks from outside like a simple thing to do. But how long it takes to implement it - at least the p2.mirrorsURL feature - I've no idea. But maybe a tycho committer knows better?

  I suspect is
possible but I also think it is probably more appropriate to have that
support in tycho

the signing plugin is really just a hack to support this aspect of the
eclipse requirements that is outside of the traditional tycho
workflow...having said that we can always put another hack or two into
it :)



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