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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] p2 repositories ... we can do better

On 06.03.2012, at 13:04, Jesse McConnell wrote:

>> could the eclipse-signing-maven-plugin provide a parameter to
>> inject the p2.mirrorsURL property into artifact repositories and
>> parameters to generate the p2.index file ?
> can you give me a specific example of what that xml (assuming that
> would be in some of the xml metadata) would look like?

= Support for p2.mirrorsURL =

According to just add:

<property name="p2.mirrorsURL" value="{repository_path}&amp;format=xml"/>

Since webmaster thinks that we have been hit by this issue recently ( this makes me think even more about how to integrate this into our builds. As last means of resort I'll write a bash script that unzips artifacs.jar, adds the property to the artifacts.xml, and zips the file again.

But I wonder how much effort it takes to add this in Tycho's eclipse-repository packaging since tycho generates these files?
It wouldn't be specify to Eclipse; just a generic support for properties - I think.

= Adding support for p2.index =

The file looks like this:

 version = 1
 metadata.repository.factory.order = compositeContent.xml,\!
 artifact.repository.factory.order = compositeArtifacts.xml,\!

Whether it's "xml" or "jar" should depend on the "compress" property we already specify in the eclipse-repository.

= Enabling download stat in your repository =

And if we are already on defining properties: to enable download stats it's...

...for artifacts.xml/repository:
<property name='p2.statsURI' value='http://your.stats.server/stats'/>

...for bundles:
<property name='download.stats' value='test.plugin1.bundle'/>

So, in theory it's just adding properties and looks from outside like a simple thing to do. But how long it takes to implement it - at least the p2.mirrorsURL feature - I've no idea. But maybe a tycho committer knows better? 

>  I suspect is
> possible but I also think it is probably more appropriate to have that
> support in tycho
> the signing plugin is really just a hack to support this aspect of the
> eclipse requirements that is outside of the traditional tycho
> workflow...having said that we can always put another hack or two into
> it :)
> cheers,
> jesse
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