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[cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson home on a slow NFS mount

I see that the Hudson jobs folder is at

 jobs -> /opt/public/jobs

which seems to be a NFS mount from

wilma:/opt/public    1975741280 1248514496 626864960  67% /opt/public

This NFS mount seems to be really slow. To give an idea, I just gave this simple command to get an idea about varies build artifacts

find `find . -name "builds" -print`  -name "*.xml" -ls

This command shouldn't take more than few minutes to complete. But it is more than 45 mins and haven't got the result yet. I'm afraid having Hudson to build on this NFS mount is going to degrade the performance further. To boost the performance we need to use a local disk for entire hudson home.

I remember Matt mentioned it is there for committers to get access to the artifacts etc. If some one elaborate the exact reason, we can find alternate way to build in the local disk, but provide way to get the artifacts from public NFS mount. May be using some plugin (SCP plugin?) to copy (or publish) the required artifacts after the build is done.

- Winston

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