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[cross-project-issues-dev] API changes coming in OSGi - org.osgi.framework.resource renamed to org.osgi.resource

This should have little or no impact on projects outside of Equinox, but
thought I should mention this just in case.  If your project uses any of
the types introduced in the new package org.osgi.framework.resource then
please pay attention.

The org.osgi.framework.resource package was introduced in an early Juno
milestone.  The OSGi Alliance has decided that the package name needs to be
changed to org.osgi.resource.  For the most part all interfaces from the
org.osgi.framework.wiring package have moved.  It should be a simple
migration to the new package if you actually started using the
org.osgi.framework.resource package.  One exception is the class
org.osgi.framework.resource.ResourceConstants.  This class has been deleted
and the constants have now moved into either the
org.osgi.resource.Namespace class or into the package

See for details and in
particular see commit
 for the specific changes.

Thanks for your time.


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