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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson shutdown wait from hell / Virgo jobs killed

I've killed the Virgo jobs I have access to since we're not on release train. Virgo Team: I'm not responsible for builds, so hope that's ok w/ everyone :O but I know that most of the committers are in Europe and may not be monitoring..if anyone on Virgo wants to run before next push you'll need to manually restart.

(We actually do have people wanting the Virgo IDE build but it can wait a couple of hours I should think.)

On Feb 8, 2012, at 11:49 AM, David M Williams wrote:

> I'd agree with this general idea ... perhaps a general notice go out on a
> mailing list "hudson is being shutdown and restarted ... any jobs not done
> by +1 hour [or something] will be killed". (I'm proud to say I cancelled
> one of my running aggregator jobs when I saw it was about to be shutdown,
> saving 50 minutes or so (if I was only job running) .... partially because
> I knew it needed to run again anyway.

I think we did that during Indigo release right? Problem of course is that people need to be monitoring which given that we're globally distributed means that someone will miss it. Maybe we need an "allow immediate kill on halt"? Or perhaps we could just ask if anyone objects to having their jobs killed unceremoniously?

To avoid the deluge post restart, I wonder if there is any way in Hudson to allow projects to voluntarily specify a default wait time after restart to submit their jobs with the understanding that they can manually enqueue as appropriate?

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