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[cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson shutdown wait from hell

Hi all,

I wanted to bring up a Hudson annoyance and see if people had ideas for improving this. What's happening now is that any time Hudson gets sent a shutdown, everyone is locked out until the last job in queue finishes. Which is a) Good news for the people with running builds, b) Bad news for everyone else. Observing that most of the time most of us are  in category b) I vote for making things work better for group b). Nothing against PTP :D, but they happen to be in group a) this time around and the last run took 22 hours. :O But there are lot's of long builds out there. This means that snapshots are delayed for everyone.

So I'm wondering if it might be possible to have some kind of policy where builds are terminated with prejudice under shutdown. I'm not sure if a) this is even supportable OOTB in Hudson, and b) whether that would have the possibility of FUBAR'ing anyone project builds. As project builds should not be relying on previous state, I would say that the answer to b is probably no. I also imagine allowance should be made for key builds such as aggregator. IIRC in the past when in release panic mode we were triggering hard shutdowns from time to time.



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