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[cross-project-issues-dev] I need your help matching Juno projects to Juno aggregation files

I tried matching up the projects that are participating in Juno, per

with the b3aggrcon files in the project.

Lacking any hope of automation, I hacked together a wiki page to use for

Most were pretty obvious, I guessed about 6, and there are a dozen or so
not really accounted for.

And in both directions:
a few cases where I could not tell what b3aggrcon file went with a known
and some, apparently "extra" b3aggrcon files "left over" that didn't seem
to have a matching project (and not enough "unknown cases" to account for
them all).

It might be the case that some projects, as listed in
might have more than one b3aggrcon file? I guess that is ok, but I'll
need everyone's help to

a) proof read what I have and what I have guessed, and
b) fill in (or edit) the wiki page to make the table complete.

The goal is partially to make sure no b3aggrcon files should be removed (no
longer active?) but also to have a record so issues and bugs can be more
easily opened, if they occur.

I'm sure I could do more detective work and figure out some cases .... but,
would prefer projects provide this info in the first place, so I've just
given you a head start.

Since nothing gets done without a deadline, I'll give two:
please try to get done by Friday, 2/10, but I'll give  a full week (2/15)
before I start removing accounted for files. And, just let me know if those
dates don't work for you, such as if a critical person in on vacation or
something ... but, should be obvious to many in project and take only 5
minutes or so.

Thanks all,

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