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[cross-project-issues-dev] Looking for a few brave projects

Hi Folks,

I've just added 2 extra slaves to hudson. Right now I have them set so that only 'bound' jobs will run, and before I open them to all the jobs I'd like to ask a few projects to help us out by making sure I didn't miss something in the setup.

They should* just work, so if your project has some cycles would you please set your build host to either hudson-slave6 or hudson-slave5?
Let me know about any issues you encounter(either via a bug or email).

*: the 'issue' is that Hudson slave5 is not our usual x86_64 architecture(it's IA64). While 32bit JDKs seem ok, using an x86_64 JDK may fail.
The host does have an IA64 JRE installed.



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