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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminders for the busy week ahead ...

Remember that this coming week, Friday 1/27 to Friday 2/3 is the window
where we will be producing BOTH Juno M5 and Indigo SR2 RC2, with the most
work, for aggregation at least, taking place Monday to Wednesday. So, in
general, please respond to aggregation  build failures quickly. And, more

Indigo SR2 RC2

   Please make this a true "release candidate" as much as possible (in an
   ideal world, many projects would be done by RC2) ... but, naturally, we
   also want to achieve a high quality maintenance release, so by all
   means, test well, and fix bad bugs or regressions in RC3 or RC4 (making
   sure they are safe fixes :)

   Be sure to move up to latest Orbit M build (soon to be R build, on
   Friday 1/27) (see orbit-dev list for details)

   Be sure to check the "repo reports":
   There are some missing "legal files" that would block the release, if
   not fixed (see

Juno M5

   Get latest Orbit S-build
   (there was an earlier S-build promoted on 1/20, but a fairly serious
   problem was discovered there, so another, with the fix, was quickly

   On Friday 1/27 I will delete the Orbit I-builds on 'downloads' as a
   not-so-gentle reminder to move up (and, to save server space).

   Check your "repo reports":
   Many little errors are creeping in ... and best to fix as we go rather
   than waiting to the end (And, remember, there are no dedicated "quality
   police" for the release ... we depend on the project leads and
   committers to check the quality of your own stuff ... though, some
   things would block the release, if not discovered until the release

   Be sure to check/test if there are greedy vs. non-greedy install issues
   for your users various install scenarios (and open/comment in bugs if
   so). (I am not sure how much will be "fixed" by M5, depending on how
   many people have moved to non-greedy repos ... so, M5 is a good time to
   start those tests, so issues can be addressed by M6).

Last reminder, the CQ deadline for Juno CQ requests is the end of M5,
2/3 ... only a week away! CQ's after that date will be less likely (if not
downright unlikely) to be prioritized for Juno.

As always, test early and test often! and be sure to ask here to
cross-project list if questions or issues.

Much thanks,

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