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[cross-project-issues-dev] Removal of pre-release support in OSGi (unlikely to cause anyone issues)

In Equinox we are working on an implementation of the OSGi R5 Core
Framework specification.  One proposed addition for the R5 specification
was the support of pre-release versions [1].  The OSGi alliance has agreed
to pull this new feature from the future R5 Framework specification.  This
feature had to potential to be very disruptive to the community, for one
example see

I bring this forward to the cross project list because in M5 I have removed
pre-release support (
I doubt anyone has started to use this new API, but just in case, the
following API got added during M4 and has been removed in the latest M5
builds from Equinox.


Please comment in if
you have any concerns.


[1] - see RFC 175 at

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