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[cross-project-issues-dev] Use of jsr14 and Java 7 javac

The Equinox Framework and a some of the other core services provided by the
Equinox project have long supported the J2ME Foundation profile.  As the
rest of the Java community moved on we spent a fair amount of time figuring
out how to continue our support of the J2ME profiles.  Even when OSGi added
generics to their APIs (and p2 as well) we still supported the J2SE 1.4
based J2ME Foundation 1.2 profile with the use of the jsr14 compile target.

Our use of jsr14 for some Equinox projects in order to use generics AND
continue support of J2SE 1.4 and J2ME Foundation 1.2 will cause problems
for folks compiling against our jars (which include APIs with generics)
using the Java 7 javac compiler.  I have opened to discuss not using
the jsr14 option anymore.  Please comment in that bug with your concerns or
comments.  The consequence is that the any Equinox component with generics
in the API will have a J2SE-1.5 minimum execution environment for the Juno
release.  This includes the core OSGi Equinox Framework implementation.


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