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[cross-project-issues-dev] Seeking input: Recent Hudson change, Hudson configuration


As you may know, we recently moved the /shared/jobs directory from the shared location onto a local filesystem on the Hudson master.  We did this because some projects were experiencing ".nfs"  problems wiping their workspace, as some files were still being reported as "opened" on the shared filesystem.  An open file cannot be deleted.

Requiring you to use http/https to access build artifacts has resolved the issue -- however, it brought upon us numerous other issues. One of those issues is the performance: downloading large files directly from Hudson seems to be hit-and-miss.  This is not a network problem, as downloading from http://localhost/... directly on the Hudson master performs rather poorly.

At this time, Matt and I would like to take a step back and get a better understanding of your needs (or, better yet, your build workflow) before we do anything else.  As of right now, we are considering moving the hudson master "jobs" back to where it was -- /shared/jobs.  We are aware this would reintroduce the .nfs workspace delete problem, and it's why we would like your feedback.

Matt has opened bug 366696. If you could take a moment to explain, as concisely as possible in bullet-point form, what your build process is, it would very much help us understand how we can perhaps make Hudson better and easier to use.


Your friendly neighborhood webmasters

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