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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson change

Hudson links aka
doesn't work either
Means we can't fetch latest artifacts from jobs we depend on.


Am 07.12.11 10:58, schrieb Dennis Hübner:
> Hello Matt,
> I'm not quite sure that my issue is related to the latest changes, but
> I just noticed that our lastSuccessful/lastStable file system links a
> not up to date.
> Hudson web link
> points to 07.12.2011 build
> and file system link under /shared/jobs/MWE-nightly-HEAD/ still points
> to the old stable:
> lrwxrwxrwx   1 hudsonBuild callisto-dev    26  2. Dez 13:11 lastStable
> -> builds/2011-12-02_13-04-30
> Our promote scripts are using file system URL
> /shared/jobs/MWE-nightly-HEAD/ so right now I can't promote!
> Regards,
> Dennis.
> Am 06.12.11 17:46, schrieb Webmaster(Matt Ward):
>> Hi Folks,
>>  As some of you know we've been having some issues recently with
>> Hudson not letting go of files which causes issues when people try to
>> clean up their workspace.  Denis and I have come up with a potential
>> fix that will allow us to bypass NFS by mounting a disk image locally
>> on the master that will contain the 'workspace' data.  However I need
>> to copy the current data over and then restart Hudson.
>> While short notice my plan is to do this today starting at 3pm.  I
>> expect Hudson will be offline for about 20 minutes while the data
>> syncs and I re-configure the master.
>> if you absolutely must get your M build done and this will prevent
>> that, please let me know ASAP.
>> -Matt.

Dennis Hübner


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