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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson change

I think there are any other options, we need a read only file system access on that points to Hudson's jobs/ folder.
I'm unable to find a way to do this. Basically we'd need it to be rw in both locations and that is a recipe for trouble(just a different kind than before).

It worked for us, but now it doesn't and we are having a release today.
We could investigate and change our build configuration after the release, but we can't do it today.

Well here are the choices(that I can see right now):

1) I can 'restore' the mount point on the Hudson master. The catch is you will probably have to re-run all of your builds. 2) I can 'restore' the mount point on the Hudson master after syncing the data. But this requires I take Hudson offline for at least 1.5 hours. 3) You can use the http/s links to get the files and put them where your releng scripts expect, then run your release tools. After that you can work on updating your tools.

In the end the first 2 will mean we'll either have to 'restart' Hudson sporadically, or teams will have to wait (up to) 24h for the .nfs files to be released so they can clean their workspaces.

Now if someone knows the Hudson team and can poke them for comment, we might find some more options.



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