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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Hudson change

So ... to be explicit ... there's nothing "we" need to do differently to
take advantage of "better cleanup" ... that this was just to overcome a bug
or limitation with Hudson?

We still can't (and are not expected to) shell over to one of the Hudson
slave's and do "rm -fr" to clean up anything ... right?


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Hi Folks,

  As some of you know we've been having some issues recently with Hudson
not letting go of files which causes issues when people try to clean up
their workspace.  Denis and I have come up with a potential fix that
will allow us to bypass NFS by mounting a disk image locally on the
master that will contain the 'workspace' data.  However I need to copy
the current data over and then restart Hudson.

While short notice my plan is to do this today starting at 3pm.  I
expect Hudson will be offline for about 20 minutes while the data syncs
and I re-configure the master.

if you absolutely must get your M build done and this will prevent that,
please let me know ASAP.



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