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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Reminders and notes about upcoming M4

>From Christian Campo,
> 1. Why was the rule changed anyway? I anticipated Riena to be in
> Juno until I found out through this mail that I am not.
> 2. Why do projects get aggregated in the composite repo like Riena
> did in M3 if I am not signed up?
> A little confusing to me, but apparently I missed the point where
> somebody said, we changed the rule, make sure you sign up...

>From Matthias Sohn
> I was surprised that jgit and egit weren't contained in the Juno list,
> I remember for the Indigo release train projects which had participated
> in Helios were automatically signed up for Indigo.

As far as I recall, the Portal flag for participation has never been
automatically been carried over from one year to the next.

But you are correct, that is the assumption we make ... that being on the
train means "once in always in, until opt out" and plus we do automatically
carry over projects in the aggregation build process.

So, I have opened an enhancement request for the Portal,
Bug 365738 - once "on" sim rel flag should remain on until project opts out

Just thought I'd comment here since two people have been surprised.

I should have emphasized there was no criticism intended if the Portal flag
had not been set yet ... just reminding projects to do the bookkeeping ...
but, I agree, it could be better automated.

For what its worth, the flag in the Portal is how the IP staff decides if
someone is "in" or "out" for purposes of prioritizing CQ requests (plus,
other "list of participating projects" formed later, for tracking, web
pages, and similar things) and is unrelated to being in the aggregation
builds ... I guess in an ideal world maybe they could be connected somehow,
but that sounds like where the extra programming required would have
diminishing returns.

Thanks everyone ... for setting the flag, and making the extra effort to be
in the simultaneous release.

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