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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminders and notes about upcoming M4

First, remember M4 is "next week" and is short .... code-done window from
Friday 12/9 to Wednesday 12/14 ... to be made available on 12/16. Please
remember to respond quickly to "build breaks", even if before your official
+n due date.

Second, projects leads, remember to "sign up" for the Juno release by M4,
on the Eclipse Foundation's Portal. For a list of who is signed up, see

For our M4 composite repo, please note ... normally we keep 3 milestones
(M-2 to M) in our composite repo .../releases/juno ... but, it is
anticipated that we will not be able to do that for M4, since a central,
much used bundle (javax.servlet) will have its package versions moving
_down_ from previous milestones. While that's been announced before and
discussed in other bugs, see bug 365629 for complications that might arise
when both versions are "available". So, we will plan on the M4 juno common
repository to be _only_ M4. This might effect anyone with "runtime targets"
defined in their IDEs (forcing some updates to be required sooner than the
M-2 strategy allows). Please let us know if this plan has unanticipated

I have just this evening updated .../releases/staging so that everyone who
has contributed recently (since M3) should be in there ... if you want to
do some early testing.

At this moment, 4 projects have "enabled='false'" somewhere still in their
b3aggrcon file ... remember to join-in by M4. Be there, or be square :)

equinox.b3aggrcon (4 matches)

Thanks all,

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