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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Juno M2 aggregation -- will it be the worst milestone ever?

> Could you please provide a list of these contributions in trouble?

I might late today or tomorrow, but I am hoping for a few quick fixes first, and that might greatly reduce the "list of 20" I mentioned, since many may simply be due to "ripple effects". There has been a couple of quick fixes already.

Or, you can discover issues yourself, using the b3 aggregator editor, which is what I do. For example, after opening the simrel.b3aggr file with b3 aggregation editor, select the main validation set, and run "validate aggregation" menu choice. That might say, for example, that org.eclipse.ocl.all.sdk couldn't be aggregated due to some missing UML bundle (which might be missing due to some emf dependency, as Ed mentioned).
Then, what I do, is go and disable the org.eclipse.ocl.all.sdk feature (or, the repository it is in) ... and then run "validate aggregation" again. Then maybe, for example, something else can't aggregate due to some missing OCL piece, which is probably only missing since I disabled it. So, I disable that feature or repository and try validate again.

In practice, if I can disable a few things, and then get a green run, I will disable them temporarily (and check them into cvs disabled). But, when there are so many likely ripple effects, I think it is best to leave alone, let errors occur, and hopefully those notified of the errors, by the b3 aggregation build, can make a quick fix (or, if they can't, disable their own contribution temporarily, and let us all know, here on this list, what the outlook is, especially if they have lots of clients in the Juno stack). In the mean time, I hope you find using the b3 aggregator editor "locally" is useful to check your repositories and aggregation.

Hope that helps,

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Date:        09/22/2011 08:17 AM
Subject:        Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Juno M2 aggregation -- will it be the        worst milestone ever?
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On 22/09/2011 04:54, David M Williams wrote:
Well, no, probably not ... but, it will take a lot of attention to get it done on time.

First greatest thanks to Kenn Hussey for making (or fixing) an "early" contribution repository [1] for EMF core (or, "base", I think they are now calling the platform-shared parts.

This allows Eclipse 4.2 M2 and EMF M2 to both be installed from repository sites. (For full issues, and longer term improvements, you can follow bug 356644).

Now the problem is that the new version of EMF (and maybe Eclipse M2?), apparently,  breaks numerous other contributions, apparently due to increased minor version numbers (combined with narrow ranges?).

To aggregate, at the moment, I would have to disable about 20 of the b3aggrcon files in

Could you please provide a list of these contributions in trouble?



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