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[cross-project-issues-dev] Juno M2 aggregation -- will it be the worst milestone ever?

Well, no, probably not ... but, it will take a lot of attention to get it done on time.

First greatest thanks to Kenn Hussey for making (or fixing) an "early" contribution repository [1] for EMF core (or, "base", I think they are now calling the platform-shared parts.

This allows Eclipse 4.2 M2 and EMF M2 to both be installed from repository sites. (For full issues, and longer term improvements, you can follow bug 356644).

Now the problem is that the new version of EMF (and maybe Eclipse M2?), apparently,  breaks numerous other contributions, apparently due to increased minor version numbers (combined with narrow ranges?).

To aggregate, at the moment, I would have to disable about 20 of the b3aggrcon files in

I can (and may) do some disabling, .... but, thought it would be a good time to review the process and timing of making contributions to an aggregation build:

you do not have to wait until your +n day to make a contribution. You can make a "warm-up" contribution at any time ... especially if it is needed to allow the aggregation to succeed. In other words, your +n day is the last possible day to make a contribution ... not the first day you may make one.

Many of the current problems are "ripple effects" from a few low level, commonly used bundles or features (in modeling projects, it appears) so, maybe with only a few fixes we'll be on the right path again, but, I ask that teams try to respond as quickly as possible to fix any "aggregation errors" they get notified about ... please do not think you can wait until your final contribution next week ... and even if you have not been notified yet, if you use EMF, please "peek ahead" with the M2 versions of Eclipse and EMF base and prepare an early version, even if you re-contribute your final version during the (final) window next week. After all, if we had to do a true "iteration" waiting for each of 20 project to fix their builds sequentially before the next one fixes theirs, then we will not finish in time.

Thanks, for your attention, let us know if questions or issues.



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