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[cross-project-issues-dev] Retiring the UDC and removing it from the simultaneous release...

Greetings folks.

Putting on my Eclipse Foundation staff member hat... those of us at the
Eclipse Foundation who have been managing the collected data have
decided that it's time to pull the plug on the UDC server [1]. That is,
we have decided to stop collecting UDC data. In this regard, we will be
flipping a bit on the UDC server at the end of September which is cause
it stop retaining uploaded data. Clients in the field will continue to
function as though everything is hunky-dory on the server (i.e. they
should continue to clean up after themselves).

Changing hats... on behalf of the Eclipse Packaging Project (EPP)--the
project responsible for the UDC--given that the Eclipse Foundation will
no longer be collecting usage data, we have decided to pull the UDC from
the simultaneous release, starting with Juno. By extension, the UDC will
be removed from all Juno packages.

The UDC will be included in the Indigo SR-1 and SR-2 releases. I am
willing to discuss removing the UDC from SR-2 packages if there is
agreement. The reason for keeping it in the simultaneous release is that
I am aware of several organizations currently using the UDC as the basis
for their own collection of usage data.

The long term status of the project is currently in limbo. There has
been almost no new development work done on the UDC in a very long time.
It may be time to archive the code. If anybody is interested in stepping
up to maintain the code, please express that interest on the epp-dev
mailing list.




Wayne Beaton
The Eclipse Foundation
Twitter: @waynebeaton

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