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[cross-project-issues-dev] New storage for


Friday afternoon (Eastern time) we'll be deploying a new storage server for the /shared filesystem currently used for builds.  This filesystem is accessible to and the Hudson CI servers.  With this new server, available disk space will increase from 1TB to 1.8TB and the disk resources will be dedicated to builds -- nothing else.  I will need to shut down the Hudson service and the build server for about one hour so that I can sync the /shared filesystem.  As usual, any clean-up you can do in /shared will help us restore service faster.

Also, we'll be re-deploying the massive 5TB storage devices for downloads/archives soon.  We had taken them offline earlier this summer to perform some software maintenance, and in the process we've discovered two bad disks, one bad RAID controller and two bad cables.  All these issues have been fixed, and these devices are now top-performers ready for your gentle abuse  :-)

These deployments will conclude our summer maintenance schedule for hardware, and will put back in excellent shape both performance-wise, and for available disk space.

Thanks for your cooperation,


Denis Roy
Eclipse Foundation, Inc. --
Office: 613.224.9461 x224 (Eastern time)

          Europe 2011

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