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[cross-project-issues-dev] wrong MoDisco version in Indigo SR1 RC1


When building MoDisco 0.9.1 RC1 for Helios, the "wrong" version was chosen by Buckminster, and 0.10.0 (Juno) plug-ins ended up in the build.
This happened because the map looks in both the svn and a local cache (because svn checkouts from Buckminster are so slow). Unfortunately, 0.10.0 being the highest version, it's the one that was chosen by Buckminster, even though I specified branchTagPath="0_9" in the cquery (I thought that would be enough). I fixed the problem by disabling the cache in the branch, and RC2 should be OK.

So, I wanted to inform MoDisco users and consumers that they shouldn't use MoDisco 0.9.1 RC1. If 0.9.1 RC1 is installed, the update to RC2 won't work because of the higher versions in RC1.

Nicolas Bros
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