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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminder of the two SimRel deadlines this week: (today, and tomorrow)

I wanted to be sure it was clear the deadline for Juno M1 repository submissions (+3) is today (let's say, 5:00 PM Eastern),

and that the deadline for the Indigo SR1 RC1 (warm-up) submissions (+3) is tomorrow, Thursday (again, lets say 5 PM).

I always find this slight off-set a little confusing, but it does make practical sense, allowing the final push for EPP packages (building and testing) to be a little more spread out. The idea is that Thursday is the main day for final EPP testing for Juno M1, declaring first thing Friday morning, whereas Indigo SR1 RC1 final testing can be done on Friday, with the declare coming late on Friday, or, sometimes, even Monday, if anyone needs a rebuild.

I'll "turn off" the aggregation build after the deadlines, to minimize confusion, so be sure to say, here to this list, if anyone has complicating circumstances.

In the meantime, be sure to test the staging repos and/or take an early look at EPP packages.

Staging repos:



EPP early nightlies:




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