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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] contributing to indigo sr1

Hi Igor,

Here are some answers related to the b3 aggregator.

On 2011-08-05 13:24, Igor Fedorenko wrote:
I am trying to make m2e contribution to indigo sr1 build and have couple
of questions.

Following instructions in [1], I started with new eclipse 3.7 sdk
installation, installed b3 aggregator and checked out project. When I open indigo.b3aggr using the
Aggregator Model Editor I am told that model needs to be converted to a
new format. After conversion, there are some massive changes to the
model file and I also get lots of error markers about various
repositories not being available. Is this expected or something is wrong
with my environment and/or setup?

I guess you installed the aggregator from our 3.7 site. The Indigo release train was created, and should be maintained, by the 3.6 release of the aggregator. In 3.7, we are adding new concepts to the model (the ValidationSet) and use a new schema version for the XML. The aggregator detects this and converts your model automatically. The aggrcon files remain the same though. The schema change only relates to the main b3aggr file.

That said, there should not be any problems whatsoever verifying your Indigo contribution with a 3.7 version of the aggregator. I have also noticed that several of the contributions are invalid with respect to the repository that they appoint. I guess several projects have removed their contributing repositories after the release. If that's the case, then it's probably high time to restore them now in time for the SR1 milestones.

Thomas Hallgren

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