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[cross-project-issues-dev] contributing to indigo sr1

I am trying to make m2e contribution to indigo sr1 build and have couple
of questions.

Following instructions in [1], I started with new eclipse 3.7 sdk
installation, installed b3 aggregator and checked out project. When I open indigo.b3aggr using the
Aggregator Model Editor I am told that model needs to be converted to a
new format. After conversion, there are some massive changes to the
model file and I also get lots of error markers about various
repositories not being available. Is this expected or something is wrong
with my environment and/or setup?

From [2] it appears that we do not need a release review for a bugfix
release. Do we need to do any release review for bugfix releases or we
simply make the bugfix release available for download as soon as we
decide it's ready?



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