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[cross-project-issues-dev] Aggregator / B3 / Buckminster Question

OK, I've got AMP staged and it appears to be working but the signing report revealed an issue that I'm hoping people can give advice on...

I've got some plugins that have optional dependencies on stuff that will *not* be part of the Indigo release -- they're Eclipse hosted and IP ok, but the project isn't participating. My thinking was that that would work fine, but when I get the feature that I'm providing for Indigo from my release update site, P2 goes ahead and grabs the optional dependencies as well, and I then get a signing message. My *thinking* is that when the aggregator runs, P2 will *not* get those optional plugins unless of course the user has also added the AMP release update site separately. I won't be able to actually test that until the aggregator runs on my most recent build so I wanted to ask if my reasoning seems correct?

(My other alternative that I'm just trying now is to remove those optional dependencies, but that will mean users that then add those optional features may lose functionality.)

For buckminster folks, I'm wondering is I set the "eclipse.p2.optional" to "false" in the build will that make any difference as far as the provisioning time dependencies go? I'm guessing no..

As a side note, I'm trying to diagnose an issue -- somehow my other committer's changes in the last week have been lost in the git wilderness -- like gone, not even accessible in reflog. :( Unfortunately, he's in Central Europe, so it's unlikely that I'll be able to get him to try to recommit the changes. I've got an open bug with webmaster, so If I am somehow able to restore those important bits before the cutoff tonight, I may ask for a fresh build.



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