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[cross-project-issues-dev] The final rules for the final builds ...

Several have asked "is it OK if we resubmit our contribution?", so thought I should clarify the process.

First, if you have missing "legal files" or have "no license" in the software repository report, then you either have to resubmit your contribution or withdraw from the release. So feel free, its your choice. Keep us posted on either.

Second, if its one of the other "big hitters", such as unsigned jars or 3 part versioning, or inconsistent license in repository, then you either need to resubmit, or withdraw from being in common repo (you can still release, just be in your own repo/download site), or, third option,  talk to your PMC and Planning Council representative to file for an exception for your project. As long as there's a plan to fix in maintenance, or similar, I don't think anyone would care too much  ... (Well ... I would, but its not up to me :) its up to your PMC and Planning Council rep). Again, keep us posted.

Third, for "other" ... if you have a bad  bug, etc., and are thinking of asking for a re-spin, I don't think anyone would mind, if done by, let's say, 9 PM today (Eastern). But keep in mind, last minute submissions often fail, so, don't just submit and then go home to go to sleep :) ... you are not done until you have a success contribution in 'staging'.

After that, after 9 PM Eastern, today, I think we'll need to proceed on a case-by-case bases. If we have green build at about that time (+/- 2 hours) I'll turn off "continuous builds".

Be sure to get the advice/support of your PMC or mentors if needed.

Keep us posted ... thanks to everyone for our final push.

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