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[cross-project-issues-dev] Indigo RC3 Staging Repo is Done ....

Having fun yet?

In case its not clear what the plan is, given the circumstances, it'd not be worth trying to respin another repo for RC3. So we will declare success for having one at all, and strive to keep RC4 on schedule, with all the desired, high quality content for our Indigo release.

But, the RC3 staging repo is missing EGIT (1.0) and MJT and SOA-SCA ... as well have older versions of some components that could not update this week as they desired.

Markus did figure out how to work around the missing EGIT features (getting direct from their project-specific repo) so the EPP packages will be completed, on schedule, with, as far as I know, true RC3 content for all.

I plan to "flip the switch" to make the RC3 repo visible on Friday at 9:00 AM (unless I hear otherwise). Following our convention of maintaining three sub-repos in that composite, that means that /release/indigo, for RC3, will have RC3, RC2, and RC1 available. One implication is that some older version of EGIT, MJT, and SOA-SCA will "peek through" to end users. Normally that's what would be desired, but it may cause a bit of confusion or problems in some cases.

I have paused the aggregation builds for now, but plan to re-enable this (Thursday) evening so teams can start submitting their latest updates.

Also, please remember the infrastructure is still running with reduced capacity (due to having only one NFS Server) so builds, etc., will still be slow, and should be minimized when possible. All the better reason to install the b3 Aggregator Model Editor [1] (if you haven't yet) so you can at least "validate", and "verify" before you commit your b3aggrcon files, and ... in some cases you might want to try to "build" locally with the Aggregator Editor  ... though, that can take a long time so not sure that's always feasible. But "validate" and "verify" are quite doable and highly recommended, so we'll have fewer failed aggregation builds.

As always ... let us know if questions or problems.  Thanks.



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