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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] "No location for packed" messages and RC3 status


SCA Tools had the same problem with the Maven signing plugin.
I eventually came to sign manually but too late for RC3 (and the Indigo aggregator takes a while to build, which is not surprising).

That's OK, we will be in RC4 and the next aggregator builds (after RC3) will tell us if the last promoted build is good or not.
It was good for RC2 with a manual signing and the p2 ANT task, it should be for RC4. I will let the Maven signing plugin for after the Inidigo release (I still consider it very useful, but if our last repo is good, we will remain with it).

Le 02/06/2011 07:49, David M Williams a écrit :
Are any of those SOA-SCA features used in EPP Packages?

No, I think no one depends on the SCA Tooling.



Le 02/06/2011 07:49, David M Williams a écrit :
Thanks, Hugues, very helpful.

The latest build did fail for the same reasons (except I did disabled SOA-SCA contribution for their previously mentioned problems).

I've heard from MTJ (Gorkem) and they'd tried patching artifacts.xml in the event of a respin.

I suggest the EGIT/JGIT team do the same.

So that leaves SOA-SCA to fix up their contribution, and remove the enabled="false" attribute (which would trigger a rebuild for the RC3 repository) if they are able to (and if they need to, and want to).

In the meantime, I have promoted what we have to /releases/staging. I'm not very confident in the repos quality, since we are basically promoting a "failed build". We we don't do that often enough to know what it means (I don't think we ever have, before?). But, if we are lucky, it will have enough content and work well enough to build EPP packages? (But, Markus, at the first sign of trouble, I'd just blame it on the repo and we might have to wait for a green build?).

So, please consider the repo "frozen", until we hear from the SOA-SCA team if they can/want/need to contribute to RC3? Are any of those SOA-SCA features used in EPP Packages? (I think not ... but, that's just off the top of my head ... I could easily have forgotten).

And, remember, "frozen" also means to freeze your project-specific repos that a respin might need to pull back in.

@Igor, I hope you can reenable pack200 for RC4? Its usually not a strong position to say "we're not going to do the requirements because of builder limitations" ...
none of us would ever release anything if we all did that :)

Much thanks to everyone for suffering through this churn,

Vincent Zurczak

R&D Engineer
Petals Link - SOA open-source company
+33 (0) 4 76 96 15 16

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