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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] "No location for packed" messages

Pascal and I looked at this last week and I opened 347667 [1] based on
our findings. In short, singing maven plugin adds packed artifacts but
does not update repository mapping rules, so p2 does not know how to
find the packed files.

I plan to implement better/proper signing support in Tycho shortly after
Indigo is shipped, so we decided to disable pack200 for m2e for now.



On 11-06-01 9:53 PM, David M Williams wrote:
Bot MJT and EGIT are failing to aggregate due to failing to find packed
artifacts. For example,

org.eclipse.core.runtime.CoreException: Unable to mirror artifact
osgi.bundle,org.eclipse.egit.core, from repository location for packed:

I'm not sure if these teams forgot something ... or some build utility
changed something ... but, thought it worth reminding everyone that the
aggregator has stricter criteria for "correctness" than simply
"installing with p2". I think this is a case of that. If p2 can not find
a packed artifacts, in continues merrily on trying the jar instead. The
b3 aggregator, though, assumes that if your content metadata says there
is a packed artifact there, then it is an error if there is no packed
artifact there.
After the fact, some cases like this can be fixed by running
p2.process.artifacts on the repo. Then longer term, figure out why the
packed artifacts are not being created?

Also, I'm going to try again without soa-sca contribution ... I know
they have (or, are) trying to fix things ... but, since has failed
several times, I'll try without.


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