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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminder: IP Logs due tomorrow

Hey folks. I've received a lot of the IP Logs already. Thanks for
getting them in early. The deadline is tomorrow, May 18th.

I am expecting to receive one IP Log for each entry on the "Indigo
Releases" page [1]. I need your review documentation before June 1st.
Again, I expect to receive one review document for each entry on the
"Indigo Releases" page.

Note that I will not process your IP log or schedule the review for
projects that do not have a release entry for Indigo in the portal. In
your entry, please ensure that you provide the version number of the
release. You can include the word "Indigo" if you'd like. Also note that
the version number should be for a release, not a milestone. Release
records of the form "1.0M2" (for example) will be ignored.

Unless somebody feels that there is a need to hold an actual review
call, I do not plan to schedule one. Speak up if you feel that getting
together on the phone (or perhaps via Skype) on June 8th has any value.




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