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[cross-project-issues-dev] source and binary plugins of the same version (PDE/Build)

From debugging a breakage of the Object Teams build which was caused
by upgrading from SDK 3.7 M7 to SDK 3.7 RC1 I seem to have learned the
following which *might* be relevant for others, too:

Given that a plugin you're trying to build from source exists in the same 
version already in base, PDE/Build makes no guarantee whether it will
pick the existing binary plugin or the source one, i.e., no guarantee that
you source plugin will be compiled at all. Additionally something seems 
to have changed between M7 and RC1 that influences this random

This setup may seem twisted but I see two situations which can lead to
this: any kind of bootstrapping, where a plugin is used for its own build.
Second: any situation where a previous build should be re-created for
whatever reasons after your builder was already upgraded to the current

If you have stakes in either of these two fields feel free to chime in at


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