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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Helios SR2 maintenance staging repository is done

Does this affect any of the packages? In particular the Eclipse Modeling Tools package?

Regards, Markus

On 18 February 2011 11:33, Mariot Chauvin <mariot.chauvin@xxxxxxx> wrote:

We just found a serious problem, with the acceleo contribution. The version which is included is not the 3.0.2 as expected but the 3.1, i.e. the Indigo one.
We have fixed the problem by specifing a maximum range value, see :

We think that the severity of this issue justifies a re-spin of SR2, and so request one.

Thanks for your understanding,

  Mariot Chauvin

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Le 18/02/2011 07:58, David M Williams a écrit :
That last aggregation rebuild is now complete, and has been promoted to /releases/maintenance. Thanks all for your patience and especially your contributions to improving the quality of this service release.

Some time next week I'll promote to /releases/helios to allow mirroring to begin, and then "make visible" on Friday, 2/25, 9:00 AM (Eastern)  ... assuming no serious issues require other actions.

I have disabled the helios.runAggregator job in Hudson which means 1) any rebuilds will need to be explicitly requested (and approved, etc.) and 2) if any of you move your SR2 repositories to a more "released" location next week, you can safely update your contribution files to have an accurate final URL, without fear of triggering a rebuild.

Do use care, though, since we want to the ability to do a rebuild on a moments notice ... just in case something seriously wrong is discovered in the next few days.

I have also tagged the CVS contribution files with "Helios_SR2" so serve as a reference, for those that provide specific features versions and URLs in their contribution files (as we all should, IMHO ... but I know others have different opinions and processes). The tag is there, if you find it handy.

Thus begins quite week. It is a good time for continued testing, since even if you can not fix a bug for the literal release, it is always best to find serious issues before hand, so you can prepare update sites or workarounds for your users before they find the issues.

We used to say to update to final locations on the "day before" release, but we have found, in the past few maintenance releases, this can cause a bit of a bandwidth bottleneck that last day (we've gotten too big for one day of mirroring ... apparently) so as long as you have the ability to keep your stuff "invisible" feel free to move your big artifacts to their final locations beginning Monday or so, so allow several days of mirroring before we make things visible Friday morning.

As always ... questions welcome. I'll keep you updated as things change or progress.

Much thanks,

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