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[cross-project-issues-dev] Code formatting & clean-up standards.

Now that I actually have the "problem" of coordinating multiple committers, I wonder hat other projects are doing WRT to project and cross-project code formatting standards. At one point I had all sorts of custom things setup, but I realized that that made every change from another platform and every code generation create report all sorts of meaningfulness SCM modifications and I'm just discovering makes patches and git merges that much harder to grok. So I've been moving to the "Eclipse built-in" with one major exception -- the 80 char max line limit just seems way to limiting given modern IDEs and creates a ton of unnecessary and hard to read extra lines IMO. Is there / has there been any effort to have a standard set across platforms? I know for one thing that almost every code *generation* tool (mine included) seems to use different formatting.

Then there is the whole issue of Java coding standards, of which I hate to even bring up* but I'm wondering if there has been any though about that cross-project and if not if anyone is interested in entertaining that..



 [personally I think the 

if (x)
	do y;

construct is a great evil, but I appear to be in the minority.. ;D]

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