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[cross-project-issues-dev] Reminder Helios SR2 final build is this week

Helios SR2 RC3 repo was quietly done on time last week. There was a small glitch with the EPP packages (bug 336897) but that's been solved (thanks Markus) and those RC3 packages tested and finalized today.

Today is Helios SR2 RC4 +0 ... and you know the rest. All final builds and packages will be produced by the end of this week. (2/18).

Then we have our "quite week" where there are no further builds/aggregations, but projects and adopters can do any final testing they'd like, teams can prepare final webpages for final SR2 sites, etc. Then builds repositories should be made visible and generally available at the end of next week (2/25).

Please remember to keep us all informed if anyone is going to be late for their +n deadline and be sure you keep your eye on the aggregation build and repair any breaks within a few hours (or, else, let us know you will not be able to repair in a few hours, and remove your own breaking features/contributions).

It is also a good time to see if you have any releases to be archived, or other builds or disk space to clean up, so our mirror sites will have room for all the final bits.

Let us know (here on this list) if there are any questions or issue.

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