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[cross-project-issues-dev] Indigo M5 and Helios SR2 RC2 are ready

Please encourage your communities to do testing (i.e. not production work) with the latest packages and repositories ... we will be done before you know it.

EPP Packages:

Helios SR2 RC2:

Indigo M5:
Also the development builds tab on the main downloads page points to m5.


Helios SR2 RC2:

(Note: this repo is fairly temporary, it will start to be replaced by RC3 candidates about next Wednesday, 2/9).

Indigo M5:

(Note: contrary to earlier plans, this repo is only M5, not a composite that also includes earlier milestones. I decided to disconnect early milestones because
  a) there were some features in there that should not have been (projects not participating in Indigo, so can be confusing or time wasting for testers)  
  b) There were some old "conflicting" features in there, presumably where features were renamed, or similar, and could not be installed with newer things (which is confusing and time wasting to those doing testing of M5), and
  c) when I installed "everything" I saw some pretty weird stuff in the IDE so I think it is important we test M5 well, and not have to wonder or waste time figuring out if that weird stuff is from some old, not current, feature.

I have left the old milestones on downloads for now (just not tied in)  ...  in case anyone needs them for something specific (let me know if you do) ... but plan to delete them in a week or so .... let's say 2/10 ... unless I hear otherwise).

I have enabled the aggregation builds to prepare for the next round.
Test early, test often!

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