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Re: [cross-project-issues-dev] Orbit build qualifiers changing with each build

Am 01.02.2011 09:58, schrieb Oberhuber, Martin:
Hi Eike,

I can answer [1] since I was responsible for some recent qualifier changes:

While Orbit just re-packages existing binaries, even that re-packaging is sometimes nontrivial . It involves creating a proper MANIFEST.MF and proper about.html as well as about_files . When we find out that anything is not quite right in one of these files, we need to fix it -- thus updating the qualifier without updating the major/minor/micro versions which are always aligned with the original library's version number.
Thank you for the explanation, Martin. I wouldn't doubt the need to increase the qualifiers if someone says there is a need. And I verified it this time for the things I need ;-)

Bottom line is, with each Indigo milestone you should pick up the latest Orbit milestone (S-build) which is prepared in the -1 time frame, one week before the Platform declares.
I understand that Orbit evolves and is maintained. I don't understand why this fact constantly creates severe issues (ask Modisco :P ). Please don't forget how much pain we create for our billion users! See my reply to Gunnar's post for a constructive solution proposal.

Regarding the<includes>  I remember that this has caused much discussion
After much pain ;-)

, especially related to Buckminster
Can Buckminster please confirm that this is a Buckminster issue?

which sometimes converts<includes>  into<requires>.
I don't know the semantics of these, but isn't the problem rather that an Eclipse feature *includes* stuff by a "singular version range"? I have the feeling we can only cure this by no longer including stuff we don't build ourselves at all. How can we get there?

  I cannot remember the details, but I think Jeff had quite a strong opinion. For some related meeting notes, see (Oct 6)
Not sure I buy his arguments because they don't seem to address the main problem that features *include* "foreign" stuff at all. Everybody should be free to declare what he actually *needs* and *where* to look for it.




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One milestone ago Nicolas Bros started the thread "conflicting dependencies to Orbit". From all the 47 posts I can not remember if there was some kind of consensus on how we're planning to resolve that issue. My build is currently hitting it again. In this particular case it's all kinds of plugins (e.g. swtbot, mwe2) that depend on very specific log4j version. In fact they all want log4j 1.2.5, but one plugin has built its feature with an old Orbit, others built against a newer Orbit.

I would like to know:

1) Why does Orbit change the qualifier with each build although I assume that nothng in these plugins has ever changed since their creation?

2) Do we have a plan how to resolve the issue in the future that the<includes>  tag in Eclipse features leads to dependency ranges like "[x,x]" in p2?



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